January 11th, 2021

Chase Erwin: Jass Press Release

Embrace Dunes sofa, Ray Tinna and Molecule cushions

Chase Erwin presents a bold new collection; Jass. The inspiration for this collection came to Ragna, our founder, as she was driving in the countryside listening to a radio programme discussing the origins of the word Jazz, the music genre, and its later connotations in music.

What she discovered was that the word Jazz was believed to have derived from American slang from the late 1800’s, meaning spirited, energetic and peppy. This sparked the idea to create a lively collection of luxury textiles that would be fun and playful. It features some wonderful statement pieces that give a sophisticated retro edge to Chase Erwin’s signature aesthetic.

Jass is the namesake of the collection because it most embodies the energy and spirit of these new fabrics. It’s a sophisticated, striking pattern shot through with some lively new colours.

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