March 11th, 2020

Ian Mankin Fabric Designs: Avoiding home furnish waste by buying well

Fast fashion was a hot topic late 2019 with people thinking about where their bags of clothes were coming from and going. This trend perpetuates to the home environment too and our exhibitors will be eager to discuss this with roadshow attendees.

As a savvy Interior Designer, you will be well aware of the growth in consumers’ desire to purchase well-considered, high quality home furnishings that will last a lifetime, rather than impulse buy that can be quickly regretted. Most end users have some level of sustainability in mind during their purchase journey and it’s a trend that we all need to embrace in varying degrees.

In a recent article published by one of our exhibitors, Ian Mankin, we are encouraged to think about the 50% of reusable furniture that is sent to landfill (22 million pieces) each year. Ian Mankin’s article imparts the view that investing in high quality homewares made from natural, organic or recycled materials has a positive impact on the environment in comparison to man-made materials. By taking a step towards helping farming families, eliminate hazardous pesticides and saving precious water the Ian Mankin fabrics are considerate to these factors and are made from natural, recycled or certified organic fibres.

Products with sustainability at their heart can easily be recycled and turned into products with a new, purposeful life, limiting the amount of furniture waste that’s sent to landfill each year. Ensuring that purchases will offer value for life and endure changing trends and have the option to be passed down as a family heirloom to future generations. The 1485 collection, from Ian Mankin, in association with The Landmark Trust is a perfect example for breathing new life into an old piece of furniture. This collection of fabrics inspired by the Landmark Trust’s portfolio of buildings are fantastic if you need to create a rustic styled interior for your customer base. Taking cues from architectural details or treasures unearthed during the sensitive restoration of remarkable historic building, Mankin fabrics breathe life into the original patters and motifs to give them renewed purpose. With every purchase from this collection, Ian Mankin contribute to this conservation charity to ensure that their important work can forge ahead.

Senior Designer from Ian Mankin states

‘…before you replace, consider your options of upcycling. Recovering a piece of furniture with a new fabric can totally transform the look and feel of an interior in a mindful sustainable fashion. We’re looking forward to hearing how the Interior Designers at this year’s roadshow are tackling sustainable purchase decisions’.