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New fabric collections from Fermoie for Spring 2024

Fermoie spring 24 chairs

Fermoie is delighted to present two new fabric collections for Spring 2024. The new fabrics, Maple and Ticking, join the extensive Fermoie family of beautiful hand-drawn designs, produced entirely in-house on specially woven basecloths.

“Our new collections perfectly encapsulate the spirit of Fermoie: inspiration from nature, love of colour, artistry and hand-drawn design, and a playful, idiosyncratic approach to familiar patterns and styles. Maple beautifully evokes a walk in the woods as the leaves fall; and with Ticking, we’ve taken what designers have known for decades is a wonderfully versatile design and added our own unique perspective. And while each design has its own individual colour palette, these have been so skilfully created that, to the eye, they appear to match precisely, making it easy for designers and their clients to combine, contrast and have fun with them.”
Tom Helme, co-founder Fermoie

Perfect Together

Maple and Ticking are each offered in 15 colourways. To the eye, the colours appear identical in both collections. However, though they share a common colour story, the two sets of colourways were created separately and specifically for each design using different blends of pigments, so are not, in fact, the same at all. This time-consuming, painstaking process gives each collection its own unique identity; at the same time, they complement each other perfectly, making it easy to match, combine and play with their contrasting moods, textures and patterns.

For further information, please contact Charlie Sharpley on +44 (0) 7808 331778 or email

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