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Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

London Showroom: 194 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 8UP

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint are painting the future with their award-winning plant-based paints. Pigment rich colours with superior coverage: honest, breathable & healthy.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint make paint differently, using pure and safe natural ingredients of plant and mineral original. Edward Bulmer has poured over 30 years of interior design experience and ecological principles into every tin, creating beautiful colours that don’t cost the Earth. Simply put, plant-based paints for the protection of people and planet, made with gentle chemistry.

Historically resonant yet robust for modern living, these pigment rich paints give outstanding coverage, are easy to apply and create an unrivalled finish. More than just a colour choice, the paints are highly breathable, with no harmful VOCs or microplastics and free from petrochemical derivatives. Edward Bulmer Natural Paint are 100% transparent, declaring all ingredients, with zero greenwashing. With a Pimlico Road flagship, a range of colour consultancy services, a string of awards, they are painting a greener and more colourful future.

“Our natural paint business is driven by a belief that by making paint differently we can play our part in leaving a world where our children and grandchildren can thrive in balance with nature” – Edward Bulmer


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