Ian Mankin

Over 150 years of heritage and passion for our craft goes into every metre of fabric we weave, all designed and made at our Lancashire mill run by the 6th generation of the same family. Taking inspiration from time-honoured textile crafts, we breathe life into traditional fabrics with contemporary design and skilful creativity.

We create fabrics with timeless and authentic beauty that sidestep fad and fashion and steadfastly endure the demands of today's modern home. These are fabrics that effortlessly stand the test of time.

Every last thread is carefully constructed and expertly woven using generations of craftsmanship at the loom with no shortcuts, no compromise.

Fabrics that unapologetically take time.

Fabrics to enjoy in your own time

Tel: 020 7722 0997
Email: sales@ianmankin.com
W: www.ianmankin.co.uk