February 24th, 2020

Whitehead Designs – bringing continued craftsmanship and beauty to our Roadshow

Whitehead Design at roadshow

The opportunity to meet the faces behind our beautiful luxury brands is a key feature that our visitors report as unique about the Taste of Design Roadshow. The exclusive venues add glamour to the occasion but it’s wonderful to hear visitors speak so highly about the relationships that they forge with the exhibitors at these events. All our exhibitors endeavor to provide a high personal service to their Interior Designers and Whitehead Designs are advocates of this philosophy. Janet Huston, Sales & Marketing Director at Whitehead Design states:

“Even in today’s mass-produced world, there will always be a place for craftsmanship and quality and in order to deliver bespoke products we nurture personal relationships with our customers to thoroughly understand and satisfy their wishes. Good old-fashioned personal service will always be a mantra close to our hearts.”

The annual roadshow continues to provide attendees a chance to speak to exhibitors about their challenges and seek advice about design trends and interior living industry expectations. It’s no wonder that there are repeat visitors year-on-year enjoying their time away from their busy office environment and sharing a mutual love of their projects with the exhibitors.

Whitehead Designs will be showcasing their product ranges and revealing latest designs and fabrics that have been hand crafted to create unique furniture. Their exacting standards of craftsmanship and quality are unmatched in the upholstery industry and they look forward to welcoming Interior Design Professionals to view their ranges.

You will be met by Whitehead representatives that extol an unwavering passion for creating exquisite classic and contemporary upholstered furniture and will offer value to your visit to the event.