February 7th, 2019

Jacaranda launch new colour palette


The deepest, densest, smoothest and most luxurious wool carpet in Jacaranda’s collection has just got even better with the launch of a contemporary new colour palette. We’re proud of our spectrum of natural shades from cool greys to warmer, richer tones and have broadened this range to include new soft blues and subtle greens which we hope you love.

At Jacaranda we believe wool still makes the best carpets. What other fibre is natural and renewable, regulates moisture and muffles noise. The springy structure of wool fibres resist crushing and wear, they even come naturally coated with lanolin for chemical free stain resistance.

Jacaranda’s Heavy Velvet broadloom is hand-woven from 100% pure wool using artisan skills on traditional wooden looms. We guarantee it against moths for 5 years. We stock it as 4m & 5m broadloom to allow seam-free installation in larger rooms. Rugs can be made to measure, blind hemmed or bordered.